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Zycada emerges from stealth. Secures $19M in funding! View the Press Release.

Zycada Delivers 10X Faster Time to Interactive (TTI)

Today, there are between 12 and 24 million online retailers globally, with many of these online retailers lacking the infrastructure and resources to deliver e-commerce sessions that are as quick and reliable as Amazon’s. Even large e-retailers struggle to match Amazon’s speed and market dominance. TTI is a critical metric for gauging e-commerce performance, measuring how long it takes for the interactive elements of a page (such as a “buy now” button) to load. Zycada shatters the status quo with a platform that consistently delivers TTI below 500 milliseconds and drives page load time approaching 100 milliseconds, significantly outpacing Amazon on both metrics.

Why care about TTI?

According to research, 90% of customers will abandon the online shopping experiences if page load times exceed 3 seconds. The data shows that 70% of those consumers will never return to the website, and on average each of those shoppers will discuss their negative experience with 15 friends on social media.  So your first impression is often the only impression you will get with potential shoppers.

Additionally, according to industry leaders such as Amazon and Walmart, every 100 milliseconds of TTI impacts your online shopping revenue by 1%. 


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The world is changing for online merchants!

Over the past decade, online retail has enjoyed explosive growth, and with this growth also comes competition and higher consumer expectations. In order to attract and win customers in today’s ultra-competitive environment, merchants must offer a rich and responsive shopping experience. Unfortunately, for many merchants, this can be quite difficult as they are facing multiple headwinds.

Increased Shopper Expectations:  Modern online shoppers have very high expectations and expect a shopping experience that is rich and responsive – regardless of their location or network quality.

Competitive Pressure:  In order to attract and retain customers, merchants must offer a rich, immersive experience that is consistent and fast and delivers sub-second delivery of dynamic content.

Lack of Control over Shopper Experience: Unfortunately, most merchants have very few options for actually controlling and enhancing their consumer experience. Small merchant sites often go un-optimized and deliver a relatively poor customer experience, and larger merchants typically have little flexibility in how they deliver their content, as it is usually under the control of complex, costly content delivery infrastructures


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Welcome to the Zycada Platform

The Zycada Platform enables the fastest online shopping experience in the world, by leveraging the power and scale of bot technology. Zycada has been proven, in production customer environments, to improve page load times for dynamic content by 10x and boost load performance for even the most optimized e-commerce sites and content acceleration services.

Changing the game for online merchants!

Sub-second TTI: Delivers the fastest TTI for your shopping site.

Fast, Consistent Experience: Enables an ultra-fast shopper experience.

Content Independent: Accelerates both static and dynamic content.

Easy to deploy: Deploys in minutes, with most customers up and running in a few hours.

Compatible with your CDN: Transparently deploys over existing CDN’s with no impact to your infrastructure.

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News, Customers, and Accolades

As head of eCommerce at Living Spaces, I’m constantly seeking new technologies to give our business the edge. My technical team is obsessed with reducing latency to enhance customer experience. We immediately recognized the opportunity with Zycada. Using Zycada, we achieved a sizable jump in revenue across our website.”

Pete Franco

Vice President of eCommerce at Living Spaces Furniture

Zycada enables an ultra-fast shopping experience that delivers a 10x improvement in TTI over CDN and optimized Cloud Computing infrastructure. We are pleased to announce that Zycada was selected as a Gartner Cool Vendor. For more details, you can read the report here.”

James Brear

CEO, Zycada

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Zycada enables the fastest online shopping experience!


Zycada Emerges From Stealth with $19 Million in Funding to Deliver Fastest Online Shopping Experience in the World